Welcome to the blog, “To Sire With Love”, in honor of my wife, Jode, who always called me her Sirelot. Thank you for visiting.

This blog, as it evolves, is currently an account of personal adventures, humorous stories, passionate issues, and whatever catches my whiskered fancy.

A little about me- I love ibises and felions, (living with six cats, I must like them), and I am often dragged on horrendous adventures with a certain petulant offspring. These adventures often result in some trouble or other, which leaves her baying with laughter and me weeping (secretly smiling?).

Photos on this blog are either by me, or by my daughter, Autumn Jade, unless otherwise indicated.

Thanks for stoping by. Sincerely,

Sir Felion

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Sir. Throughout the blogosphere your name has been mentioned over and over again by ………….. Autumn Jade. She has a very high regard for you and therefore so must I. Have fun blogging. Ralph

  2. Thanks for stopping by to check me out. Hope your home is doing well and you and the cats have settled in brilliantly.

  3. arrwstos said:

    Sir i like your blog!!!!!! good work

  4. bethvesseur said:

    I like your blog! Thank you for your comments on mine…Happy blogging !!!

  5. Not the most prolific blogger, are you, sir!
    But a pleasure to meet you, regardless.

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