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A few turns around the sun ago we went
Out for a visit to a tropical park
As a serene and quiet expedition.

Joy and bliss were hijacked at once when
My daughter, smiling brightly,
Appeared with box and twinkling glass-tipped cylinder!

Suddenly I was found outlandishly adorned in a frilly lady’s scarf,
Foppish hat and tortoise-shell shades
And patchy red leather trench coat.

“Into the Swamp with You!” she clipped with a wag
Of the camera,
So there I stood-in muculent reeds.

“Outstanding in my field” went through my head,
As I sank into the mire,
The camera gleefully whirring in my face!

“Done!” I muttered to myself.

but NOT!

Now extracted from the swamp and hurled down
Onto the moldering green Boardwalk,
Creaking over the gators gliding below.

Airboats and fishermen buzzed
In the background
As the hideous lens-slinger towered overhead.

Finally Release!
But I do not mind
As I get to star on daughter’s blog!