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Joyous to see,

Leaders moving to the West to knit

A better fuller

Life they all could see brimming right next door.

Then, a serpent twists and turns

Allegedly among them, with promises and money

Tarnished skippers align with it

Like magnets near each other.

The jilted populace roars in furious disapproval, some perishing in their fervor

To swiftly replace the errant stewards,

With those willing to sail Westward

Joyously seeking a better life once more.

Alas, some still crave the reptile and wish to join with it

Not discerning its dark deep treachery and then

It quickly comes and coils about them all with suffocating strictures

Hissing “I will protect you from yourselves”.

An anachronistic pall spreads through the streets

As a legendary Ferrous Form rumbles-

Thought long gone, but

Tearfully, tragically resurrected from the dead ashes of the Past.