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Surfin' SantySlashing through the sand,
On a Beach so damp and viscous-
Whirling chilling winds buffeting them about,
A bevy of 200 rosy S. Clauses clutch their spindly glassine fiber boards
And plunge into the cold tempestuous tossing spume!

Surfing SantiesHordes-
Of young and old landlubbers roar and click their shiny phones-
And big giant bulbous-lensed cameras on spiderly legs
Clatter away to capture,
The ludicrous, quaintly humorous and stunning event.

A grand cause for all the scarlet pageantry,
Apparel was sold out to help fund
The arduous costly sojourns of those
Jousting the Big C with their far away healers.
–In memory of my wife Jodi, March 2007.

Surfing Santa