Sir at the Hands of the Mad Snapper


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A few turns around the sun ago we went
Out for a visit to a tropical park
As a serene and quiet expedition.

Joy and bliss were hijacked at once when
My daughter, smiling brightly,
Appeared with box and twinkling glass-tipped cylinder!

Suddenly I was found outlandishly adorned in a frilly lady’s scarf,
Foppish hat and tortoise-shell shades
And patchy red leather trench coat.

“Into the Swamp with You!” she clipped with a wag
Of the camera,
So there I stood-in muculent reeds.

“Outstanding in my field” went through my head,
As I sank into the mire,
The camera gleefully whirring in my face!

“Done!” I muttered to myself.

but NOT!

Now extracted from the swamp and hurled down
Onto the moldering green Boardwalk,
Creaking over the gators gliding below.

Airboats and fishermen buzzed
In the background
As the hideous lens-slinger towered overhead.

Finally Release!
But I do not mind
As I get to star on daughter’s blog!


My Upcoming Birthday


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November zephyrs are nearly here,
Bringing another birthday, oh dear,
The clock whirs onward, I fear.

But age is but a point of view,
And not something over which to stew,
Life still brings me grand adventures new.

Through forests and brush I hike,
And sometimes I even bike,
So many creatures and sights to like.

So a brilliant birthday I shall enjoy,
New things to see and do, oh boy!

Glorious New Year’s Eve


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Blazing New Year00Hour is nigh,
2014 going out with a sigh.

Fine light rain tumbling
Like snow shining wet, with umbrella fumbling.

Giant bonfires in red sand pits glowing at the shore,
Waves curling inland galore,
The air smelling of burning wood and s’mores.

Soggy walk home- sounds of laughter and glee,
And bright, popping splendor all around me.

In the front tree shining with raindrops of glittering green mint,
We spy little yellow and white birds dolefully roosting, eyes aglint.

A Grand New Year,
To be filled with good hearty Cheer.

Birdy Feet00Happy New Year!


Ring-Necked Doves Gone Skating


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Little OakSitting in the car after the October storm tears the sky, beads adorning the roof.

An oak tree thrashing overhead, shedding leaves onto the roof.

Tiny scrabbly feet burst from above.

We slowly slide open the moon-roof cover.

Two ring-necked doves were jubilantly

Skating amongst the dewy drops.

They stared down into the darkened chamber below with deep orange eyes,

Like gawking at caged apes at the Zoo.

After a few more pirouettes and twirls they fluted off and were gone

Leaving the earth-bound humans behind.

Little Dovie

Glorious Florida Storms


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1930847_67894498708_1560_nRumble goes the airy Sky. So quickly shifting from dazzle to darkness.

Multicolored hued clouds, some angry some light.

Jagged forks of brilliant light snake around the boiling puffs.

Curtains of raindrops shimmer in the distance, slowly dropping,

Like a bizarre mighty waterfall. Soon upon me with instant drenching power.

Then light bursts out; the clouds scudding away.

All dewy and dripping and cheerily clean.

Ode to a Raccoon


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Night Descending

Night Descending

Dusk, a simple cruise back home,
Busy road o’r a Friday night.
Swiftly took a hideous turn.

A raccoon Mother, shockingly so close to Mother’s Day,
Made a most tragic maternal mistake with her so very young offspring-
As all poured forth, just ahead of my four whirling wheels, I nowhere to turn.

A quick stop, but most painfully aware of I and my daughter’s safety,
And of those roaring machines lurking just in back and astride, still oblivious-
My horrendous braking choice made in an instant for all involved.

Those behind halted in time.
Those within came out fine.
But in front–sadness and grief.

The vibration and sound,
Told it all.
A little raccoon kit was no more.

Much sadness and grief
I have had in making this rough decision.
Who can be saved, but who may then be lost.

A taste of what,
Doctors and soldiers must go through,
Terrible decisions often daily,
Life or death in their hands.

RaccoonPhotos by Autumn Jade

Sax Alone


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Sax02The lyrical child within,
Adores and cherishes,
Finding a new melodious surprise.

Ambling along a quiet lane,
Unveils a somber scene-
Sax ending at closing.

The club empty,
Clientele all departed,
Tunes drift quietly to silence.

Instrument drops, amp still glowing-
Another gig, consummated,
silence now reigns supreme.

I can imagine,
Him gently packing
away his trademark tool.

And shimmering out the back,
to melt into the late night



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Joyous to see,

Leaders moving to the West to knit

A better fuller

Life they all could see brimming right next door.

Then, a serpent twists and turns

Allegedly among them, with promises and money

Tarnished skippers align with it

Like magnets near each other.

The jilted populace roars in furious disapproval, some perishing in their fervor

To swiftly replace the errant stewards,

With those willing to sail Westward

Joyously seeking a better life once more.

Alas, some still crave the reptile and wish to join with it

Not discerning its dark deep treachery and then

It quickly comes and coils about them all with suffocating strictures

Hissing “I will protect you from yourselves”.

An anachronistic pall spreads through the streets

As a legendary Ferrous Form rumbles-

Thought long gone, but

Tearfully, tragically resurrected from the dead ashes of the Past.